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Click on our couples' wedding images to see Punta Dolores' photos on the different weddings that were hosted here in Siargao Island. You can find our Punta Dolores Instagram Feed and Pinterest boards below.

Check out our Instagram stories and posts for some short and sweet bits of wedding tips in Siargao! Click above for the feed. 

The First wedding styled and coordinated exclusively by the Punta Dolores team in April 2023. 

The inaugural wedding of Punta Dolores! Abe and Megan, your venue managers and proud local residents get married in 2017. It was a home wedding lovingly executed by our own families! See the beginning of our forever and click on the images above to see the rest of our wedding photos! 

Julia and Quincy's wedding was a stunning affair with a full fledged styling team to cover the large grounds of Punta Dolores after their wedding ceremony in Dapa church. There were gorgeous tones of green, teal, pink, and creamy white to wrap everything together.  You can click on any of the images above to see the rest of the photos. 

JP Anglo from Masterchef Philippines and Hungry with Chef JP marries his sweetheart Camille on his favorite island of Siargao here in Punta Dolores. The ceremony was very heartfelt and the styling was lush and low impact utilizing organic elements and local foliage. Click on the images for the rest of the gallery. 

Gabby and Luigi got married on a stormy day that didn't dampen the party's spirits! With delicious food and a glowing couple, their wedding reminded us of the sweeter things in life. The evening cleared up for some more dancing and late night snacks for guests to indulge in throughout the night!

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