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Who We Are

porch view of punta dolores beach and ga

What is Punta Dolores?

Punta Dolores is a map location where the Tolentinos live and operate their venue company in Siargao. It's also known as "Talisay" by the older locals for the numerous trees growing by the beach.


Characterized by its two main wooden buildings with tall, slanted roofs, the Tolentinos have a guest home that is available for bookings on Airbnb.  The property isn't open to visitors and is camouflaged from the beach due to our propagation and preservation of tall, natural beach foliage.

It is a 4 hectare property with an active coconut plantation and over 200 meters of beachfront.  A cluster of mangroves are a prominent landmark at the end of our beach. Its pretty gardens and wide coconut groves have set the scene for several island weddings and parties. Its beach is shallow and safe for swimming at high tide.

Our Values

  • Improving Service and Operations for Every Guest, Event, and Reservation

  • Minimizing Use of Plastics and Wastes

  • Investing in Our Local Workforce and Students

  • Choosing Quality Materials and Reusable

  • Connecting with Our Guests on a Personal Level


Abe Navarro Tolentino

Abe is a 5th generation Siargaonon who has lived in France, Thailand, and Australia in his early life. He returned to the Philippines in 1996 and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries Business Managment and Aquaculture. His love for the ocean and Siargao ultimately brought him back to Punta Dolores where he is now settled with his wife Megan and daughter Portia.

From 2016-2019 Abe was the President of the Siargao Tourism Operators Association and currently sits on its board. He also serves on the Protected Area Management Board of the Siargao Island Protected Land and Seascape (SIPLAS) under the DENR. Abe is in charge of vendor support and utilities management, ensuring a safe, functional, and quality event for every client. 

Megan Gochoco Tolentino

Megan is a Filipino American from Stockton, CA and moved to the Philippines a few years after graduating from UC Santa Cruz. Pursuing a life of adventure and waves, Siargao became a special place for her.


Megan and Abe moved to Siargao in 2016 and got married at Punta Dolores in 2017. She's honored to be a new mom and passionately organizes the venue activities and staff while working on client and vendor communications.  


Decorative Dried Plants

Events and Offerings at Punta Dolores

Since Punta Dolores Homestead is also Abe and Megan's home on the island, it helps to know what having an event at an outdoor, beachfront venue in Siargao may entail. 

Punta Dolores is characterized as a big, grassy beachfront lawn dotted with tall, healthy coconut trees. It is shielded from the sea and beachgoers by high standing beach bushes and trees, lending a sense of privacy and exclusivity outdoors. Our Punta Dolores logo features a fern plant because our area is lush with it. 

Clients who wish to hold weddings or events with us are people who love the outdoors and feel at home in rustic, natural landscapes. Most people who visit Siargao love the easy-going surf culture of the island. Because we are an outdoor venue, our guests don't mind the sun and love gazing at the stars by the beach at night.  


Having a truly successful wedding in Siargao means customers are willing to plan for a destination wedding. It doesn't matter if you live close by in Mindanao or Manila; sorting the logistics of getting your decorations, people, and must-haves to the island is often the proof of whether having an island wedding or party is best for you.


We aim to bridge the gap in sourcing people and providing delicious food for large gatherings here on the island. Most restaurants capable of catering to hundreds of people are in resorts and don't have the flexibility to cater to one outside event. We provide local waiters and waitresses, bartenders, and event hands to bridge a service gap beyond the resorts and restaurants.


Our commitment to the local wedding industry is strong and we are always seeking new partnerships as Siargao develops into an international wedding destination. 


 Check out our offerings below to see what works for you!

Decorative Dried Plants



Our hardware and implements that make the place

Tents, Tables, and Chairs

Cloth Napkins


chair covers

various tent sizes

food and beverage choices

Punta Dolores caters delicious food with flair

food catering

chafing dishes 

tableware and glassware

bar construction

bar purchasing

grazing tables

fresh coconut stand

snack stands



Our simple but beautiful touches round off the look of your event

Buffet table styling

buffet table florals

tent lighting

tent liners

food vendor styling

table florals



Our people behind the scenes make it all come together

Table service

Bar service




set up & takedown

Event hands

Making a Drink


You've heard ours, and now we'd love to hear yours! If you have a specific inquiry or a story you'd like to share with us about your wedding or event coming up, let us know.

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