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Grilled Meal


Punta Dolores Caters to Your Tastes

Catering at Punta Dolores aims to serve you exactly what you want for your wedding day. We gather a team of experienced and professional chefs to bring forth a banquet that the entire party will enjoy.

Local Cuisine

Our specials include classic Filipino favorites and native delicacies such as kinilaw and adobong pusit. Acquiring fresh, local, and quality seafood supports our local fishermen and is key to our catering success. Clients may request for their own wedding menus and get recommendations straight from the chef.  

Wedding Banquet Goals

Thinking of having a different kind of wedding menu? From breakfasts, brunches, luncheons, grills, antipastos, dinner banquets and suppers, we've got you covered! There's no wrong way to celebrate and honor a couple's wishes! Talk to us today about your ideas for a menu, and we'll develop an exceptional plan with you in mind. 

Spring Roll

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What We Do

We're constantly growing our inventory and bundles to create the best offerings for our clients.  


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