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Grazing Tables

Grazing Tables are a fabulous way to wow your guests with interesting snacks and appetizers that are gorgeously presented for them. Grazing tables create a space where your guests can mix and mingle with each other throughout the whole event. As an additional space for beauty and creativity with food, grazing tables are often focal points guests love to gather around. 

We've listed our Grazing Table sizes from:


Small - 30 people

Medium - 50 people and 

Large - 75 people

Above are approximate serving sizes with a Punta Dolores Catering program being served next, which means the serving sizes listed are calculated for the number of people who will still eat additional appetizers, mains, and desserts throughout the event. Grazing tables should not be considered for meal replacements, but if you plan to have only finger foods served, we recommend you size up to cover the total number of servings your guests may consume.  

Homemade Hummus

Crudite Platter

Selection of premium garden vegetables washed, blanched and ready to eat. Served with your choice of hummus, tahini, yogurt dip, or tapenade and other vegetarian snacks. 

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruit Stand

Tropical fruits and imported produce combine to provide a healthy dessert fix for your guests. All selections are washed, cut, and ready to eat in a beautiful display to impress the party. 

Flan Cake

Filipino Snack Bar

Classic Filipino merienda and dessert favorites thoughtfully laid out for the wedding party to discover and enjoy. Perfect to complement your appetizers and dessert courses.



Charcuterie and Cheese Table

A stunning array of homemade and sourced cheeses, cured meats, antipasti, fresh & dried fruits, crackers, bread, nuts, and garnishes. Made to inspire your guests for the main course. 

Ice Cream Cones

Filipino Ice Cream Cart

A local ice cream vendor will serve his specialty flavors from his decorated cart with a DIY Halo-Halo station on display. We will provide an array of favorite toppings, sprinkles, and serving ware for ice cream desserts even if you choose not to eat straight from the cone.

Street Food

Late Night Snack Cart

After dinner and the drinks have been consumed, party guests could use something else to avoid a massive hangover the next day. Filipino street food favorites like lumpia, fishballs, kikiam, cheese sticks, or pancakes can be cooked on demand. Let us know what you want and we can make it happen. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aim to serve the best quality foods available in the loveliest presentation. Contact us for any special requests. 

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