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Available Services

We have so much more to offer you. Complete your day by picking and choosing these essential services that simply elevate your Siargao event!

Guesthouse Services

For the big event day, you will need a home base. Renting our guest house makes your outdoor event more than just another barbecue party. You and your VIPS will need a comfortable place to sit, recharge, get retouched, and store precious belongings. Our airconditioned rooms with spacious storage and seating is ideal for vendors and clients to gather and plan their next steps. Ensuite toilets and showers allow guests to refresh and our kitchenette offers a place for snacks and goodies to be prepped and consumed.  Contact us for specific services you'd like available on the day of your event. 

Extended Event Hours

We want to offer our clients the most flexibility for their exciting event. You may be able to extend your event start and end times with us. Just be aware that longer events will cost more because they carry more risk and require more personnel.

Beverage Variety Menu

If you opt for a catering package outside of Punta Dolores, chances are your beverage options are pretty limited. We offer this beverage variety service to accommodate non-alcoholic guest needs that you may not be able to foresee. Juices, sodas, garnishes, coffee, teas...these are some of the options we can give your guests based on the options you want and the size of your guestlist. 

Tent Lighting

If you want a dramatic look to your reception tents, lighting them up is the way to go! We have pearly capiz shell light shades and chandeliers to add a softer, tropical touch to your lights. You may also wish for a curtain of lights to drape the ceiling and sides of your tents. We'll take artistic direction from you and base our pricing on the number of tents and equipment needed to bring the look together. 

Media Projector Screen

If you have a wedding video presentation you'd like to run during the day or night, we have a fantastic super bright 5,000 lumen projector that delivers. No longer do you have to squint and wish your video ran brighter outdoors. Everyone will be able to see your presentation the way you've envisioned it. We also provide a large outdoor projector screen with a stand that can be placed anywhere in the venue. 

Extra Ingress or Egress Access

Although our venue boasts exceptionally long hour event options, sometimes your event needs even more time for setup and cleanup. If you need additional days or hours onsite to complete your event set up, we will charge your account based on your requirements. Additional time can also be purchased for post-event operations and disposal of event constructs. Clients and their suppliers must discuss their operating capacities and speeds especially given that Punta Dolores is a destination venue that is only accessible by sea or air. This affects the logistics of goods and people that your vendors rely on. 

Canopy Liners

Canopy Liners are the fabrics nestled under your tent ceiling and around the tent poles. They look absolutely gorgeous and improve the appearance of our extra tall tents. You can choose from basic softening panels that hide wiring, ropes, and poles to billowing, pleated ceiling drapes that exude elegance and flair for your guests to admire. If you can't have a stylist decorate the tent entirely, this is definitely the venue extra that makes your formal event shine. 

The Works

Table service is an essential aspect of the guest experience at your event. The Works covers the people deployed to make sure your program is running smoothly at your guest tables. Waiters may assist guests with the plated or buffet menu items and ensure guests have their preferred drinks. Our people serve appetizers, desserts, and essentials like ice and water while making sure to clear tables so your guests are comfortable and attended to. The Works is included in all Punta Dolores Catering packages.

Table Florals

You've probably spent a good amount of hours thinking about how you want your guest tables to look. If you're opting for a minimalist, simple, DIY kind of affair, we can help you achieve your goals by providing the fresh blooms and flowers for your table arrangements. We ship directly from our sources in Cebu and will arrange them with the foliage and accents you request.

Back-End Food Service

This service encompasses the buffet servers, dishwashers, and kitchen & food prep staff that operate your meal program. Sometimes catering companies cannot provide the staffing required to operate the ins -and- outs of food presentation and cleanup from kitchen to table and back. Traffic jams in the kitchen, sinks, and buffet line are issues that are avoided by employing the right team that has experience managing the flow of the food program. This service is included in any Punta Dolores Catering Packages.  

Stage Lighting

Dancefloors are cute with soft, low lit decorations overhead. To make a dancefloor pop and actually look fun, you want to have some colored beams and spotlights! Stage lasers and string lights also make a party more festive so inquire about these dancefloor must-haves for your event. 

Buffet Presentation

How we present our food can make a big difference to how we feel about eating them. A lot of expectations are given away the moment we peek at the buffet set up. Let our team make your food look delicious and well-planned so that your guests can look forward to a great dining experience. Here we supply table runners, florals, foliage, heating lamps, wooden serving trays, utensils, chafing dishes, and additional lights to make your food look amazing and make sure it is served hot. 

Powder Room Facilities

To make your guests feel pampered at your event, we add special toiletries and upgraded conveniences for the restroom facility. For a low price based on your event size, Qtips, parfums, lotion, and other products like feminine care and mosquito repellent are made available in a classy display to match your event theme and give your guests an extra boost of comfort. 

Bar Purchasing

We offer Bar Stocking services for your event so that you don't have to micromanage the receipts, logistics, menu, trips, and safekeeping involved with creating the Bar Menu. Months prior to your event, we work together with you on your Bar and Alcohol budget to provide the drinks you want served to your guests. Our bar purchasing fee will depend on your event size and items to be purchased. 


You don't want your guestlist making their own drinks at your event, unless they actually knew what they were doing! Pouring drinks and keeping lids and tabs on glassware is an entire job in itself. Our Bartending service includes ice, glassware, storage, and bussing requirements. We enlist the optimum amount of bartenders and bar-backs to keep the drinks flowing and your guests happy.  

Sound Systems

We can supply your audio requirements with two to four speakers and a subwoofer. These sound systems will have their own coverings and stands at the event. Included are two microphones and a microphone stand for all your speeches and performance needs. 

Table and Chair Dressings

We have off-white table cloths for our oversized plywood tables and can supply colored or patterned table runners of your choice. We also have matching off white chair covers to formalize guest seating. Inquire with us on extra chair sashes or ribbons to match the theme of your event.   

DJ Booth

So you've got your sounds, lights, cameras, actions, and everything going for you, but who is actually going to keep the party going and flowing? Would you want your friends to work on your wedding day? You'll need a DJ to hit play for your grand entrance and DJ to mix things up for the dancefloor. We can source these guys for you so you don't have to obsess over who has to have that dreaded responsibility of managing your wedding playlist from their cellphone. 


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