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We're Still Kicking

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

It's been a while since I've made any announcement or social media post about our activities. Time has truly slowed for us in the productive sense, but strangely the year seems to be whizzing by so fast. For you couples out there, I can imagine feeling so many different emotions...the window for planning and the window for getting your checklist sorted seems to feel far from completed, yet the calendar just keeps creeping ever so much closer to your desired wedding date!

Relax,'s all normal and expected to feel ambivalent about things right now. We are still in the thick of the pandemic and Siargao has not been spared. The virus arrived on the island a few months ago and residents are all finally sobering up to the new normal.

COVID Safety and DOT Requirements

In my household, we've held the strictest policies for my family's safety as well as my staff's. When the Department of Tourism announced the new requirements for resorts to comply with during COVID-19, we bought everything necessary so we could gain DOT accreditation. Recently, DOT has changed their policies and now every resort can open during these times. Although I am a bit frustrated that we invested precious, hard-saved, and a considerable amount of money in materials ( i.e. Masks, PPE, Acrylic dividers, Cleaning Agents) that are now not even required for establishments to have, I am also aware of the long term benefit of having these supplies on hand when things start picking up again. We certainly made an investment in our future...just like all the other things I'm about to talk about!

More Power, Please!

Early next year we will be installing a new silent generator for power assurance during our events and weddings. We've been saving up as much as we can, but like the rest of the world, a lot of business was lost and a lot of sacrifices needed to be made just to continue. Now that we've straightened out our budgets for the rest of the year (we are SO proud and thankful for this!) , we predict we will be able to afford our generator by early next quarter. Punta Dolores already has a generator, but it's more than 20 years old! We've also discovered that it's capacity to power our house and all the beautiful lights of our clients has proven to be a challenge. We are so excited for this new addition to our property and believe that this will really amplify the lighting possibilities of the grounds during weddings. Wish us luck!

We've also done some extreme landscaping and carved out a new possible ceremonial area that is beachfront with sand. There's a beautiful tree arch on our beachfront that is framed with beautiful trees. We can't wait to light this place up and pitch up a wooden deck for quality beach time. We wish you were here!

From here you can see Naked Island and our Mangroves gracing the backdrop. This would be a stunning place to say your vows, especially once you adorn the canopies with flowers and lights!

Farm to Table Goodness

In addition to the new generator, I've been working on a personal project to help produce some vegetables for our household. I hope the operation expands one day to provide all the salad bar requirements for our client's weddings! Punta Dolores aims to become a true farm to table establishment for rustic tropical weddings in the Philippine's most beloved surf island, Siargao! We've already cut away 8 coconut trees to make room for more sunlight to enter the greenhouse structure we will make. Although I don't usually make public declarations of what I'm up to, sometimes putting it out there in the universe helps make it come true. I've really wanted to create the smallest footprint with my business, and to become a producer of goods is really the ultimate dream for me. Again..wish me luck!

Beach, Front and Center

How are we still standing? What has taken forever for me to post ANYTHING? As I write this, I feel a lot of gratitude for the work we've been blessed with. I've worked so long and hard to complete our VENUE KIT for couples who dream of their Siargao wedding over the next few years! And my hard work seems to be gaining traction! Every single request for information lights up our skies! And we are so lucky to have optimistic island lovers who see their future beginning in our homestead. I hope to continue hearing back from interested couples, like yourselves! I'm that friend you NEED to have on your wedding day ;) ! Yes, we're still here...and we're not going anywhere! So keep looking on towards the future...keep planning for that gorgeous beachfront garden wedding on your favorite island in the Philippines. I'm still here and I'm always ready to help you achieve it.



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