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Venue Walk-Through

We are so excited to present our video venue tour! Everyone should be aware that this was filmed on a regular, sunny morning at Punta Dolores. We have so many more landscaping plans and structures we want to build to improve on the place, but it's well-worth documenting the venue as it is today.

It was such a beautiful day that we decided to shoot spontaneously, so you might notice little things about the property that isn't exactly "polished" (like seeing our baby's bathtub and some overgrown grass).

I've labeled each of the areas in the video, so that you know what I might be referring to in future posts or communications. You'll get a feel for where we are in relation to the beach and in Siargao. By shooting an actual walkthrough, you also have a better idea of the size of the space. I've sped up some walking portions just to shorten the video length.

The whole video is just under 10 minutes long, but if you are interested in seeing Punta Dolores as-is, this would be the file you want to watch! We hope this inspires some of you and gets your creative ideas flowing.

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