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True-Sonic BOOM! Sound Delivers

New Sound System

We are so proud and excited to announce the arrival of our coveted speaker system, the Alto Professional TS312! The model is named "TS312" which is short for their 3rd generation True Sonic 12inch speakers.

We set these bad boys up on big speaker stands so that they can be set up anywhere outdoors at a height level ideal for its sound to reach all guests on the property.

In addition to those speakers, we also purchased an Alto TS318S, which is an 18 inch subwoofer to round out the bass tones and produce those deep sound vibrations that gets people grooving. Sometimes we just need to literally feel those "good vibrations" for our feet to start moving. This subwoofer accomplished exactly what we hoped it would do for us. We haven't had a dance party in more than 2 years so you should know that I was DANCING and singing my heart away for a good 3 hours straight when we finally gave this baby some juice for its debut at Punta Dolores.

Party People

I'll just confess it here, I love to dance. Dance parties are my jam. It's a great form of exercise and good way to burn off the alcohol you've been sippin' on. I had so many great experiences during high school and college in California, at house parties, concert halls, bars, and music festivals! You can always tell when the joint had a great sound system, and when the bass starts thumping...well, you can bet I was bumpin' right along with it! You'll always find me at the front next to the speakers at a dance.


I've been hosting house parties since college and back then I had to do it from my Creativ speakers that I bought from the Bay Tree Bookstore at UCSC for 99 dollars! Those speakers were meant for computer use and had a small subwoofer, too. That thing surprisingly lasted for more than a decade before we finally decided to upgrade to these Altos, a biiig jump for me and proof that I am now an adult!

TS312 + TS318 Speaker and Subwoofer Setup

What we love about these speakers are the high quality, sharp sounds that you can distinctly identify. Since Abe was the one in charge of setting it all up, he picked the first track to play at home...Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity" and we were going wild with how powerful and rich the music sounded! The next few songs we played were "I Remember" by Kaskade and DeadMau5, and Beyonce's "Run the World". Since "Virtual Insanity" came out in 1996, the sound quality paled in comparison to the other two songs just because of the evolution of layers and layers of sound being used in the music industry. Nevertheless, the rich tones and horns from older songs like "Feel So Good" from Chuck Mangione sounded so warm and full as it radiated from inside our house to the outside. This system is going to be a HIT!

The Alto speaker system we bought was certainly an investment in our venue. Now we can host more events independent of sound suppliers and perfectly suited to our power grid and requirements. This means more predictability with sound, less risk with supplier transport, and more reliability when it comes to performance when you need it. In short, less headache, worry, and fewer hands to deal with as a Client organizing their event.

Better Sound, Better Quality Rental

These are not your average big sound speakers you'll encounter at most venues and small beach resorts. Our sound is clear, powerful, and unmuffled due to the incredible subwoofer that regulates power output to both speakers to offer a balanced sound every single time. The Alto speaker system has a proprietary internal regulator in the subwoofer that syncs all the different Alto Speaker sizes in the 3rd generation so that users like me and Abe will have an easier time adjusting sound levels and power.

I guess this is a good time for Abe and I to start DJing?

DJing has its own set of skills and talents, but one thing we will be researching intensively is how to manage multiple inputs to play music on demand, since we have 6 channel mixer and a couple microphones.

Performance Ready

Are you guys ready for your Karaoke debut? How about knocking the socks off the wedding party with your MOH Speech? If you're a performer, spoken word poet, comedian, or host, you can definitely start considering doing some stage time at Punta Dolores! In addition to weddings, we have a lot of plans coming up for hosting birthday parties, movie screenings, school events, recitals, dance performances, competitions, and yoga retreats.

When we thought about buying our speaker system, we really thought about dance parties and live-performances. The Philippines has such a wealth of musical talent that we cannot wait to access and put on.

What kind of events or artists do you want to see play here with us on Siargao Island? What songs do you want to sing or perform at the beach? Let us know in the comments!

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