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Now Offering a Plated Dinner Course!

Hello Beach Lovers,

Just want to pop in and announce to everyone that we are now accepting PLATED COURSES in lieu of buffet style serving.

In response to the pandemic, we are expanding our dinner menus to accommodate new food safety practices. Because buffets utilize shared utensils and end up having several people hovering over the food, it is safer to deploy plated courses to each guest directly. This means less people in close contact with the food. Our cooks and waitresses will be strictly monitored for food handling standards and service.

This means more service training for my staff, which I am so ready to give! I was a waitress for a sushi restaurant and a Marriott front desk manager during college and afterwards in Santa Cruz, CA. I love providing excellent service and making customers feel welcomed. Extending my service training to my team really makes me feel confident in our abilities to cater to every person that visits Punta Dolores.

Since Punta Dolores wedding menus are executed by our Partnered chef, you may be wondering what offerings will be made possible for your party. Send us a message on our website or email to find out more information!

Sometimes valet service makes all the VIP difference! All of our waiters and servers will be wearing cotton gloves to serve you.

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