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Punta Dolores works with each client to establish their own Wedding Bar budget.

Every wedding party is different; some crowds go heavy on the wines, and others love their gins. Some groups prefer beers and tequila to call it a real party! 

We can make recommendations of the number of bottles needed to satisfy your friends and family's beverage preferences, and then YOU decide how much you want to spend. Punta Dolores then goes out and purchases the bottles within your budget and returns any leftover amounts from your budget back to you. 

It's that easy, and it's that simple! NO hidden charges or concerns about your bar tabs piling up during the night. We've made it a cinch for you to have a great time enjoying the party. We only charge a a minimal purchasing fee to cover the logistics and, if desired, a bartending service fee if you choose not to have a self-service bar. 

Making a Drink
Cocktail Bar at Night

One of the best things about an island wedding is the bar. Bar design sets the tone of the event and helps make your guests feel festive. Good bar etiquette is one of our service foundations because we know how essential it is for a happy crowd. 

We work to provide more bar amenities, better service, special training, and tastier concoctions with every event.


punta dolores beach bar .jpg
Bottle Choices

When we welcome guests to the wedding, we offer fresh coconut juice straight from our coconut grove and ice cold water. 


For drink ideas and inspiration, head on over to our Pinterest.

Punta Dolores Bar

Cocktail Bar

A lot of planning goes into a wedding bar, which is why we choose to serve you! 


There's inventory, storage, delivery, and power requirements to consider. Since we construct your wedding bar exactly where you want it in the venue, the elements mentioned play an even bigger role when establishing a functional bar serving hundreds of guests. 

In addition to location and logistics, we provide the people, equipment, and essential bar garnishes to complete your bar setup. We supply the ice and water requirements for your entire guestlist's needs too, so that no one will ever need to go home thirsty! 

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